[News]Veil to upcoming girlgroup Secret lifted!

The veil to upcoming 4-member girlgroup Secret has been lifted.

They debuted through appearance on cable channel Mnet ‘Secret Story’ which had its first airing on 21st September. And the members show off their fresh faces on the show.

Secret consists of vocal Song JiEun, rapper Zinger, Jeon HyoSeong and Han SeonHwa. They will be debuting in mid-October, and ‘Secret Story’ is a documentary talking about the process of their debut.

In the first airing, the girls were seen without make-up and showing off their fresh faces, taking the bus to go for their practice.

The girls were also featured preparing for a public performance on 29th September. And member Song Ji Eun, who raised a topic previously with her great vocals UCC video, also visited singer Hwayobi at her practice room.

Hwayobi said, “JiEun’s sensitivity when it comes to be music is really good. Like how someone who can learn how to cook a dish by tasting it herself and imitating the dish out, she is very talented when it comes to music.”

Much anticipation is to whether this group will have a successful debut. Many singers have also revealed their debut stories through documentaries like So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls, 4Minute etc.


They are managed by Ys Entertainment.We will see how they will do.2 groups who just debuted last week are not seen on performing in Music Core and Inkigayo.Not much news about them.At least Secret managed to grab some news, but we wouldn't know in the future.

In a week time...Oct is coming New girl group,Rainbow from DSP ent would be debuting soon,Lee Hyori/ 2NE1/Ivy/ 2PM/Shinee/Tae Yang (BB)/After School/ should be coming back soon.On going promotions for G-Dragon,KARA,F(x),Brown Eyed Girls,Jewelry .MBLAQ is debuting too and more...debuts and comebacks.It is tough for rookies as all these popular comebacks and on going promotions will take the charts by storm !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    another 2NE1 clone...from the hip-hop style up to the 4 member group...even the girl in the back copied Dara's hairstyle...no originality!

    Ever since 2NE1 debuted...everyone is trying to be a 2NE1 wannabe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I support poster above
    they are not genuine

  3. Anonymous says:

    this has nothing to do with 2ne1 okay. 2ne1 fans are way over the top and thinking that 2ne1 is cool and everyone wants to be like 2ne1. go comment in 2ne1 place. Its not like I like this group but because 2ne1 fans kept bashing other girl group its annoying.

  4. Anonymous says:

    erm, they dun look very pretty in tis pic ._.

  5. Anonymous says:

    from just looking at them i see they're not very pretty (their face are plain(?)) :/ and 2ne1 style also (yah im a 2ne1 fan) im not trying to bash them or something but we need more originality or something new, if they copy(?) 2ne1 people wont care about them...

  6. boomi says:

    i think this group will be good coz this group from YG<3 :X

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