[News]Upcoming group B2ST to give sneak peek into debut song

Upcoming group B2ST will be revealing a part of their debut title song.

Coming 11th October on the 8th episode of their documentary MTV B2ST, about 8 lines from the group’s debut song will be revealed. In that episode, the boys were featured going into the recording room and recording their debut song for the first time.

Their company said, “The part of the song revealed will give audience a preview into the strong sound and punky rhythm to the group’s first minialbum title song.”

Even though the title song name has not been revealed, it was known that the song was written and composed by Shin SaDong HoRaengEe and Lee Sang Ho who also did 4Minute’s songs like ‘Hot Issue’ and ‘Muzik’.

The 8th episode of MTV B2ST will be aired at 3pm on 11th October.


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