[Video] MV Secret (시크릿) - I Want You Back (아원츄백)

MV : Secret (시크릿) - I Want You Back (아원츄백)

~ Members :
Jun Hyo Sung (전효성)
Zinger (징거)
Song Ji Eun (송지은)
Han Sunhwa

Singer : Secret
Single : I Want You Back
Date : 13 October 2009

Tracklist :
1.I Want You Back

Secret's MV is out.! so what you guys think?

Video Credits:urasiansourceKpop

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  1. theminty says:

    nice song, nice video too.
    they are not as bad as i thought. i feel that they have the same style as t-ara. (((: i support secret. !

  2. catherine says:

    nice song..
    but the mv just let me think of 2NE1"i don't care"
    even the song's rhythm and the mv background

  3. Anonymous says:

    their voices like 4 minute(mybe bec autotune)idk..about mv,i agree with catherine..copycat???idk,zinger rap like hyunah..

  4. Anonymous says:

    i like the song but the mv is not related to the song hahaha

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