Billboard Gets It All Wrong about the Wonder Girls

It was reported today that there was some misinformation published about the Wonder Girls on the Billboard website.

In the Artiste Biography section which introduces the Wonder Girls which was written by Chris True, only 3 instead of 5 names were listed as being the members of the group. It was mighty puzzling also to see Kim Hyun A being listed as an existing Wonder Girl member even though she had already left and is now part of a new girl group, 4minute back in Korea.

The lack of correct information might cause some confusion for new fans of the Wonder Girls, particularly as Billboard is considered to be a definitive music source.

JYP Entertainment has already learnt about this and will be meeting the relevant people to sort this out. I wonder if it's because of the name changes for the other 3 members. In preparation for their American debut, only Yoo Bin and So Hee kept their original names while Sun Ye became Sun, Ye Eun became Yenny while Sun Mi became Mimi.

The Wonder Girls will be opening for the Jonas Brothers World Tour on 27th June and their digital single of Nobody in english will also be out.

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