[NEWS] Netizens are surprised that Jaebum is quitting.

[Asia Economy Newspaper Reporter Lee Hyerin] “We didn’t expect him to quit.”

On the 8th, once Jaebum’s official resignation because of the MySpace Korea comment issue was revealed netizens were shocked.

After the news was released today in the afternoon, netizens said, “The issue would have died off in a few months. It’s tantalizing.” “He made a mistake but quitting was a little to harsh.”and other various statements about his unexpected action. After the issue there has been a petition against Jaebum and forcing him to quit, but they didn’t expect it would really happen.

On the other hand, others have said, “It’s late but how he is taking responsibility for his mistake looks cool.” “It’s a the right outcome.” and have showed satisfaction with his decision.

Also today Jaebum posted a letter on the fancafe stating, “I’m sorry for saying my last goodbye in writing. I think it will be hard to perform on stage in front of you with a sorry heart. I apologize to everyone, I’m so sorry and very sorry to my loving fans.”

“Starting today I am quitting 2PM. I’m really sorry for my 2PM brothers and sorry for not being there for them as a leader and hyung(older brother) and leaving them erasing all the past burdens. But I hope they will do better and be cool. Once again I’m sorry.”

JYP Entertainment stated “This has been talked about and decided in a meeting” and that “Jaebum will most likely go back to America.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    netizens are so cruel.
    no1 deserves 2 b treated like that no matter wat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    they didnt expect this happen really? *smirk*
    or they expect him 2 suicide huh?
    no jay, u cant leave, plz jay, noooo

  3. Anonymous says:

    eh eh eh y!!! even though is a mistake that he had done... But people make mistake. So he doesn't have to quit 2pm...!!! :( cause this will be over soon. (Crying.. huhuhu:(....)
    2Pm cant be the same w/out him!! :(
    But best of luck Jaebom oppa ... I Love U !!! :(
    :) <333

  4. Anonymous says:

    u r bitch netizem!!!!!!!!!!! a dog is better than u all!!!!!
    poor jay!!!!!! DON'T LEAVE!!!!STAY WITH US!!!PLZ

  5. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid.. those who make a big fuss out of this (something in the past) are indeed gay..

  6. Anonymous says:

    wahh hes really gonna quit?!

  7. Anonymous says:

    jay should think twicely before he quit..quit from 2pm means the crazy netizen win..he should know the netizen that want he quit is antis 2pm..so who`s next.nickhun ?taecyeon? wooyoung?..cant believe this..no respect to korean anymore

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    oh my GOD i'm gonna miss him .. i hope who said the cruel things liked that will go to hell

  10. Anonymous says:

    i agree wit the post above even though im not a fan or sumthin...this is just sending a msg to netizens n antis that they think they can do watever they want by manipulating even the smallest isssues..
    i wonder which artist is next..

  11. Anonymous says:

    quitting is just the wrong decision i guess..he shouldve stayed strong n show people that we arent suppose to fall down so easily simply bcos some people are criticizing u..this is just so so wrong..

    now the netizens r gonna move on to their next target..

  12. I don't want to believe this.. I don't... Even though I should be happy he's coming back to America cos that means the distance b/w him & I will be closer cos I live in Canada. I really don't want him to go back to America. I want him to stay in Korea and continue performing as 2PM! Sigh, this issue really has been blown way out of proportions. I'm really upset with the way things turned out. 2PM will never be the same again...

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    fuck netizens!!!!!!!!!
    jaebum+2pm=always and forever
    they are not 7 people, they are one!!!

  16. seriously..unbelievablee!

  17. Evenice says:

    noooooooo....please....i cant believe it.....why...who cares.....everybody has the right to say what they want....and he said sorry and everything....hopefully they talk about it again and he decides to go back=(((((((((

  18. Anonymous says:

    pleaseee jay!!!
    Dun leave 2PM,2PM is ur group ryte???
    Ur precious group ryte???
    They are ur brothers,how could u leave them???
    Please jay,JYPE and the 2PM members need u!!!
    Even us,the HOTTEST!
    Please dun let us down! :(

  19. Anonymous says:

    We really shouldn't blame at koreans. It's reasonable for them to get angry with jay's comments to koreans in myspace. However, is it right for jay to leave the group? No! That's too harsh. We all are human, we will do wrong. We should give a chance to jay to correct his mistakes.

  20. Anonymous says:

    it looks COOL? what is wrong with you people. how does socially forcing a person to quit a group they love COOL? this is just wrong on so many levels.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i lol-ed at tat "cool" comment

  22. fykaGD92 says:

    omg no!! he cant quit!! don't quit!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    are your happy now? netizens are you saying that you have NEVER made any mistakes before? if everyone have to make such a serious decison for mistakes he had made, wouldnt this wolrd be upside down? he made a mistake but it's 4, 5 years ago. there's no point to pursude, so what if your make this issue so big? and he quit, does it even benefit you guys? just think about it seriously people. and JYPE do something about it please!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    wow what faggots==' ye what he said was bad but srsly WHO CARES? its jst words everyone has an opinion and opinions can change which in his case it probably did. netizens like those are a disgrace==' they needs to get lives instead of see what idols and stuff do in there life they are jst low life ppl who like to go into other ppls buiness=='

  25. A says:

    Oh man, he shouldn't quit. Without his unique voice and muscular presence around it will make 2pm lacking of something. Seriously. Jaebeom, We will definitely miss you and your presence around 2pm :( I hope a miracle will happen and you'll be back. Tc.

  26. Haley says:

    What has the world come to!

  27. Anonymous says:

    im korean too, half korean that is, i dont get why they're doing that. jaebum just made a silly mistake, just THAT one silly mistake. T.T
    jaebum shoudnt be quit!! im so embarassed and ashamed of korean people. the antis are too much!!! like they didnt make any mistakes like that before!! humans are still humans!! there are not perfect humans in this world!!! he deserve a second chance!! I dont want him to leave korea, what will happen to 2PM!! it wouldnt be the same!!! T.T :'(

  28. heyaa. says:

    hes leaving for seattle in 1 and half hours time.
    DONT DO IT JAYYY. my eyes are all swollen crying cos of this.
    please just stayyyy.

  29. Anonymous says:

    OMG! without jay, 2pm will never be e same

  30. Anonymous says:

    wtf?!?! they are surprised that he quit? they practically drove him to quit! ughh

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    APOLOGIZE NETIZEN! make jay come back!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    this sucks netizens make jaebum quit bs man...

  34. Anonymous says:

    hey..u guys come on la..
    it's ok if jay really wanna quit from 2pm, just let him go..
    maybe one day he will get another good opportunity..
    u can see hyuna 4minute..before this she was wondergirls and now 4minute..
    she really jjang in 4minute u know..
    just say bye to him but this goodbye not for forever..
    be strong guys..!

  35. Anonymous says:

    you can't really compare him with her. i mean she didn't have any problems with those crazy ppl. he might be condemned and his chances of returning back to the kpop industry will be very slim. just like baek ji young. it took her so long to return back. sigh. jay, come back ):

  36. Anonymous says:

    i agree! hyuna is different. jay faced so many stupid antis just because one silly mistake. i dont want him to go!! this is too much!! hes leaving like half an hour more! :'(

  37. Anonymous says:

    And can't believe im saying this f*ck up to all the ppl who hates Jay . I love him , alot . Now , his leaving . Without him , there's no more 2pm . You ppl must know how to forgive & forget lah . Walau ! It's all your fault man . I don't like you guys out there who hate Jay . Too bad , his going at 6.30 pm today . Im gonna cry ! :( *tears*

  38. Anonymous says:

    i want jaebeom back! i believe theres more people who really supports him than those who hates him! i cant imagine 2pm without jay! :(

  39. Anonymous says:

    thy even made wooyoung faint!!!!!!!!! poor wooyoung

  40. Anonymous says:

    precisely. what wrong did wooyoung do. sigh. jay come back

  41. Anonymous says:

    NO NO
    i have cried a whole time. those netizen are very cruel!
    do they satisfied now ?
    hah ??
    uyong faint ??? aishhhhhhh

  42. Anonymous says:

    mandu face fainted?!! :'( :'( korean antis netizens!! u guys are CRUEL!!! i always think and proud of korea, i dont know now. korean antis are too much!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    i couldn't believe this happen !! JaeBum~~
    this is really toooooooooo MUCH !!!
    but let's think the other way round...
    hey guys, let's give oppa some time ...
    maybe there's still hope~
    oppa will comeback~~
    do you believe in miracles??
    i believe...
    so let's believe & hope that oppa will comeback~~
    JaeBum , we'll always love you !!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    netizens are cruel, they are so annoying, get a new life

  45. haiaklseh@yahoo.com says:

    i have cried a whole time. those netizen are very cruel!
    do they satisfied now ?
    hah ??

  46. Anonymous says:

    ", netizens said, “The issue would have died off in a few months. It’s tantalizing.” “He made a mistake but quitting was a little to harsh.”"
    HAHAH YOU!NETIZEN ! YOU TAKE THIS AS A JOKE IS IT ?! FUNNY ?is your are the one who dig out the things to talk about and want him to quit and now gave this type of comment ! wow ! you all can change 360 degree in your words hah !!! YOU ALL ARE REALLY NOTHING BETTER TO DO !!

  47. caleigh says:

    The NETIZEN are what?? are surprised! are you f****** kidding me! what they wanted him to quit so he did.. i mean what the hell do they think messing with someones dream and other ppl dreams are a joke to them!! i wish one day that some will haunt them to make them quit what they love to do!!

    to all NETIZEN KARMA is BITCH!!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    the netizen were so mean too him and didn't give him a break.
    thanks to them, jay quit 2pm :(
    i blame it all on them. they thought torturing him would be a joke.
    seriously, he was not familiar with the customs and culture, plus i bet he was homesick.plus he apologized.
    ughhh 'm so freaking angry right now. 2pm is going to be so weird without jay.

  49. Anonymous says:

    NETIZENS ARE B*T**** !
    wouldnt be the same without him there. HE has talent and no matter what mistake ppl do they should all get second chances, he even specifically appolgized. PEOPLE THESE DAYS ARE F****** R****** !!!!

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    i honestly think what netizens done have gone way outta mind. F*** seriosuly grow the F*** up they're so immature. They should know better seriously i know what jae did was wrong but like the others sadi he specifically appologized for what he have done and he knew he was wrong, so why DO YOU NETIZENS have to hate on him so much? it truely makes me think that u guys are still so racist about things. NOW im pretty sure ur happy now that hes gone eh ? Jae's done a lot for the group and im pretty sure all of u fans know cus he brought us so much laughter, excitment and one to not forget friendship. cus seriously have u seen 2pms relationship between them its like their born to be brothers and nothing could break them apart. What YOU guys done are wrong and i hope u regret it.

    JAE: wish u all the best, we're always here for you <3!

  52. Anonymous says:


  53. Anonymous says:

    *CRIES* *SOB,SOB* I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!! i was just beginning to like 2pm!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    HOW FUCKEN DARE YOU STUPID ASS SHITS NETIZENS!!!!!! Ruining someones dream like that! If you want to die so bad then go make a death potition for yourself rather then making someone who works so hard to achieve their dreams and goals shatter! If you have nothing good to say about someone then you shouldn't be opening your FUCKEN ugly mouth at all! FOR ALL U PEEPS WHO SUPPORT 2PM, LOTS OF LOVE AND GOOD FORTUNE FOR U and for those who talks shit about good people, U GET NOTHING BUT REALLY BAD LUCK & BAD CARMA FOR THE REST OF YOUR GOT DAMB LIFE!!!!!!! LEEEEETS KEEP SUPPORTING ^-^JAEBUM^-^ & 2PM and ALL THE OTHER TALENTED PEOPLE OUT THEIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    really miss you jae, stay strong keep ur head up boy we are all here for u <3

  57. Anonymous says:

    i just want Jay back. :(

  58. Anonymous says:

    DO ANY OF U GUYS KNOW ANY RECENT NEWS ABOUT JAE YET ? like is he okay or settled or maybe even when is he going to return ? i just wanna know some recent news PLEASE and thank you !!!!!!

  59. Anonymous says:

    No Jaebeom, no 2PM.
    Stupid Netizens.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Okay for those of you who are still blaming Korean netizens for this whole incident, you should realize that by blaming the netizens, you’re just enabling this situation to just rise up in the air with no one to take the responsibility. How about go read the articles(literally translated if not in korean) and judge for youself how some reporters maliciously blew this whole thing out of proportion and how JYPE(who apprently kicks out their trainees for having girl/boyfriends and is super scrutinizing) never took the caution to perhaps erase/censor the old data. Jaebum has an American citizenship and he was earning money in Korea. And the articles read somewhere along the lines of, the leader of the superstar group 2PM wrote in his blog that his only purpose in staying in this puke-inducing, abominable(that’s how they translated gay) country is to earn money. And after the initial netizen reaction, more articles were written in order to make it seem like the whole country was fuming—when a lot of ppl couldn’t care less. By saying that Korean netizens are crazy and are at fault is basically letting the actually guilty ones off the hook while embracing a racist profile of Korea

  61. Anonymous says:

    wow...these netizens are really stupid aren't they? They didn't expect anything to happen? Then wtf did they post anything at all? Geeze... And considering there was a suicide petition going around, I doubt he would've felt safe. All it takes is one lunatic with a knife or a gun...

  62. Anonymous says:

    jaebum oppa come back we miss you so much
    without jaebum oppa there is no 2pm its only 1:59 pm which means we will wait for you our great and lovable leader come back=(

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