[News] Victoria is a like Hankyung

f(x) was on Kbs cool FM‘super junior kiss the radio ’ yesterday, the 7th, their first radio show.

f(x) and super junior are company sunbae relationships. Super Junior participated in f(x)’s first showcase on the second, they have said their comments many times.

During broadcast, Eunhyuk said, “Looking at f(x)‘s leader Victoria, it’s like looking at our group’s Hangeng.” Showing affection. Victoria was in china’s best dance school, Beijing Dance Academy. She’s the group’s chinese dancer.

Hangeng being Super Junior’s Chinese Member, No matter in Korean or China, he achieved high popularity, and everyone’s attention. Just like that, because these two groups had the similarity of Chinese Members. Super Junior are planning to fully support f(x)’s activites.

SM’s Staff said “Excited about the two group’s extent of interaction, and relationship” “Many nationalities f(x) hope they can be like Super Junior, and develop into Hallyu stars.”

In a way, not only can you listen to F(x) member’s self intros, you can also hear about their process for their first time, and their mishaps with the foreign members. F(x) will perform on KBS Music Bank on the 11th, SBS Inkigayo on the 13th, and plan to continue promotion with digital single “La Cha Ta”

credit: nownews.seoul.kr
& fx组合baidubar;eunmi@sj-world.net

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aaa i have a something to say!!!that is not victoria in that picture...is krystal!!!!am i not right????

  2. Anonymous says:

    your right!!!
    its krystal on the picture.

  3. ups sorry... i was daydreaming... i crop victoria's pic, but added krystal pics... i'll fix it...

  4. it's fixed now.. thanks for telling me

  5. Anonymous says:

    super junior and f(x)?

    whoa i really love to see Siwon or hangeng couple with victoria
    they seems cute ^^V

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