090725 Music Core Highlights

Today's Special Stage
MyungcaDrive (Park Myung Soo & Jessica)performing Naeng Myeon
SHINee & Girls’ Generation will perform Julitte and Tell Me Your Wish together!

Other performers include MC Mong,FT Island,4minute,Lee Jung Hyun,Cool,Norazo,3Chongsa,One Two,L.P.G,IU,Gil Me !!

Watch the videos under the cut..

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  1. kamai says:

    the dance battle was hot!i can't believe they do the remix of juliete.but i still prefer the original one.but this one shows how vocally talented the shinee boys really are.the genie performance for this week i think they had change the chorus to a live singing rather then any other week when the chorus was just too loud than the girls voices.love it.thanks for sharing it..fast~ -_-

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