2PM rule “7 People 7 Colors This is our charms” & The pilot of 2PM’s Wild Bunny hit the jackpot.. will it be a regular show?

One of 2PM’s successes is because of “clear individual personality”
10 months after their debut album ’10 out of 10’, they came out with ‘Again&Again’ that conquered the music industry with 1st place prizes. Now they come out with their latest song ‘I Hate You’ that won the Triple Crown two times in a row that gave them their fame.
Today the 19th (tomorrow), 2PM finishes their magnificent performances and take their time off to tell us about their own ‘7 People 7 Colors’ charm they each possess.

★① ‘Sexy’ Jaebeom is “Humble about his body”
2PM leader Jaebeom is both in name and reality that has one of the “Best Bodies” for idol stars. He started to train in health and acrobats since middle school. Even health trainers praise him for his body.

During the interview, the interviewer asked ‘Who has the sexiest bodies within the members’ and all the 2PM members answered “Jaebeom!

Junsu complimented and said that “Jaebeom is too humble about his body” and “Even when a man looks at it, his six packs are amazing. He even works out during his free time. There are no good results if you don’t work hard.”

As to this, Taecyeon politely boasted about Jaebeom’s body. Taecyeon said “No matter how hot it is, we still wear white beaters, but Jaebeom takes off his white beaters if it’s a little bit hot.”

Jaebeom’s eyes were surprised when Taecyeon revealed about Jaebeom’s action. “It’s not because I’m confident about my body.” He said, “That white beater is precious to me because my mom sent it from America. I try not to destroy it by sweating on it, so that’s why I take it off.” He made such a cute excuse that made all the members explode with laughter.

★② ‘ MFS’ Nickhun “We envy everything about him”
2PM’s team called ‘Nickhun’ the ‘MFS’ (Mom’s friends son, a new word for made for perfect people).

Jaebeom said that “In 2PM, Nickhun is of course the ‘MFS’” He also said that “Nickhun is tall and has a small face. He also has a very nice personality that not only women loves him but also is popular amongst men. He really is a ‘MFS’.

With Jaebeom’s praise, Nickhun was feeling happy. However, all of a sudden, he puts his head down and then puts it up with a confused expression on his face.

“Jaebeom, but what does ‘MFS’ means anyways? (Nickhun)” “Huh? Its… mother friend’s son. (Jaebeom)” All the other members start to laugh. Who wouldn’t love them?

★③ ‘Remarkable talent’ Taecyeon “Translator”
Taecyeon breaks down the language barrier by helping Nickhun and Jaebeom communicate with the rest of the members.

Taecyeon lived in both America and Korea since childhood days; therefore he speaks English and Korean perfectly.

Junho said, “Nickhun, Jaebeom, and Taecyeon speaks English well but Nickhun and Jaebeom were born or lived in America their whole lives, they were having a hard time speaking Korean, but Taecyeon was skillful in both language” and “He’s a man with language talents!”

“During our debut, I use to translate for Nickhun and Jaebeom. But nowadays, both of them are so good with Korean, I don’t need to translate for them,” said a disappointing Taecyeon.

★④ ‘Smiling Angel’ Junho “The 2nd Bi/Rain”
“Smiling Angel” is Junho’s, one of the youngest in 2PM, charm. He was known as the look alike with Rain even before their debut.

Chansung said, “ Junho has a lot of laughter and has a beautiful smile when he smiles” and “ Even during our debut, people told him that when he smiles, his eyes resembles the singer Rain.”

★⑤ ‘Kang Dong Won + Eric’ Chansung ‘Nothing but a handsome man’
The youngest member in 2PM, Chansung does not seem like the youngest because of his natural height, handsomely shaped face, and mature charm.
He resembles the music industry with nothing but his handsomeness.

Wooyoung said, “From the 2PM members, Chansung has the most look a likes” and “His eyes looks like Jang Dong Won and Eric and his face looks like the American actor Keanu Reeves and Toby Mac a bit.

“Are you saying that my face is a common face” said Chansung with wit that made everyone laugh.

★⑥ ‘JYP’s voice’ Wooyoung “So alike”
2PM Wooyoung, GOD’s Kim Tae Woo, and 2AM’s Lee Chang Min have all in common.

They all can handle JYP’s music. They can preserve their ‘bosses voices’ Because of this, Wooyoung always sang the introductory parts that draws in the audience’s attention.

Junho said, “Wooyoung’s voice sounds a lot like JYP” and “There are a lot of other JYP entertainers that are similar to JYP himself, but Wooyoung is even acknowledged by even the people in the industry.”

★⑦ ‘Singing ability that gives chills’ Junsu “No one can imitate”
Junsu became 2PM’s lead singer with his amazing ability to sing.

Junsu passed the JYP audition and was confidently chosen to be a 2PM member. Also he showed everyone his singing ability by singing ‘I have a lover’ by Lee Eun Mi in the UCC video recording.

Jaebeom said, “Junsu’s singing ability is so amazing that no one can imitate him” and “ Since our first 2PM album, Junsu’s singing ability got better, which made me even feel good.”

2PM showed us the beautiful 7 colors of the rainbow, each telling us about their charms. 2PM is one of the fastest growing idols. They take a rest to come out with a better and more amazing performance. We wonder what they will come back for us next time.
source: NTN news
Credit: Kor-Eng translation courtesy of ismellbulgogee@madam2PMsubs, Coordinator Cassina@2pm-online.com

Wild Bunny Show.

The pilot of new program on Mnet called Wild Bunny, which 2PM members are the main casts, has caused a huge influx of demands to be added to regular show. After broadcasting on July 21, many viewers and netizens are now looking forward to it.

Despite of being just the pilot and of topping the list among programs aired during the same time at 6 pm with a share of audience by 23%, it also has recorded a rating of 1.3% based on AGB Nielsen Media Research .

Moreover, after broadcasting, it climbed up the top search in main real time search engines and received much attentions from viewers and netizens even after. Especially at the moment, it even pushed away Infinity Challenge and ranked first place in Popular Shows Chart.

Because of this high interest, Mnet is now considering whether to add Wild Bunny positively as regular show.
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Credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Yahoo Korea

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