[Article] Its that That digital spit... The Future sound : DIGITAL

There's a new trend starting in kpop and its the Digital/techno effect. Sounds futuristic huh? Well, the future is starting now and more and more artists are jiving to it.

We (me and jaz... okay mostly jaz :D) Started to notice the digital effects on lollipop by big bang and 2ne1, but it the effect was minimally used so you can barely recognize it. Second, is with fire by 2ne1. Dara's part right? when her voice was digitalized. SNSD's etude too.. a bit effects here and there then with Brown Eyed Girls... where the entire song their voices are digitalized. Theres also 4minute... oh wait... as jaz said "4minute they MAKE THEIR OWN digitalized voice" hahaha... ehem.. back to the topic.

As days pass more discoveries are discoverd and theres no exception in the music industry. When Black Eyed Peas released boom boom pow, you can really feel the futuristic music and the new beats they have made. I think bep's Boom Boom pow have greatly influenced the kpop industry.

The trend has indeed started and producers know that, especially in the hiphop/pop genre. Digitalized voices are okay with me since it suits the image and flow of music of the artists' but it hides the real voice behind the singer. Dont you think?

When brown eyed girls released abracadabra, the entire song their voices were digitalized and it didnt feel normal if you ask me. It sounds nice but... it's not their real voice were listening to, thats why real talents are shown on live performances.

Trends indeed change and new things arrive. I guess digital voice is slowly replacing the natural born voice that singers have. Im pretty much torn in between. I like the digital effect as long as its used properly and wisely.

So what do you think? tell us =]

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  1. Jaz says:

    *thumbs up * good article :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    well i think digitized voices are ok as long as you the singers use their actual voice on stage and make it sound pretty. and singers shouldn't digitize their voices too often

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