[DKPNEWS] BoA Energetic MV Photos Released

BoA's latest single song Energetic Music Video photoshoot pictures were just released to public and the make up was extraordinary!

Lately this girl has been active in the States. BoA had just released couple of pictures of her latest song 'Energetic'. Early morning of July 23rd, BoA's Music Video Make Up Artist in-charge released the pictures in cyworld minihompi. The make up coordinator has been working together with BoA since debut,and currently is with her in the States.

Boa's right eye part was filled with crystal ornament and the hairstyle was following reggae style which further develops different type of attractiveness in her.

Meanwhile, the 'Energetic' MV was just released to public and was featured in an online entertainment magazine (Entertainmentweekly.com) on July 21st.

Boa with her overwhelming power in her dance moves has again shown her charisma using her newest club dance song, 'Energetic'.

Let us all hope she will do well again with this song. BoA Hwaiting!

kirra12 @ Daily Kpop News

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