Brown Eyed [News]Girls ‘Abracadabra’ MV criticized for sexual content

Coming back with their 3rd album, Brown Eyed Girls are criticised for the MV ‘Abracadabra’ released on 22nd July.

The video was released through video portal sites on the 22nd, and has shown many sexual and near-naked scenes, and the use of whips and handcuffs together with the relationship of member Narsha and GaIn as shown near the ending of the MV.

There was also a scene where member GaIn and a male actor are seen taking off each other’s clothes, and also a scene where she was doing a very sexy choreography with the backdancers.

It is known that this MV is directed by Hwang SooAh who also did the movie ‘Why did you come to our house?/

Brown Eyed Girls’ company said, “The girls are back with a title song with a strong feeling and the MV shows many exceptional scenes. So that fans can see the sexy side they have never witness of this group so far.”

source: kbites

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