[DKPNEWS] DNT newest single song 'Crazily Pretty' is hot.

On July 23rd DnT's title song 'Crazily Pretty' was already found floating around music sites being a big hit.

'Crazily Pretty' is a combination between fast rhythm hiphop and addictive melody song. Right when the video teaser and the song was released, in video sites we can see that the view was reaching more than 500,000 views, which clearly shows the explosive reaction from netizens.

DNT's company said, "Since the teaser was released beforehand this time, it helps to promote DnT more and also, the music was a combination between intense dance song and fast ballad that suits DnT's soft image perfectly. The fast ballad and dance song is meant to be shown the public so that their abilities in both will be more recognized."

In the mean time, on 23rd DnT just had a showcase by performing a mini live stage to meet with the fans.

Their last song promotion was when there was only 3 members, excluding Lee Dong Wook, 'I have a lover' which was a remake by a legendary artist Lee EunMi.

The MV can be viewed below.

kirra12 @ Daily KPop News

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  1. SSjunior says:

    The guy with orange hair reminds me of EeTeuk in his Cooking Cooking?! MV.

    One of them look abit like JongHyun from far. LOL

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