[Exclusive] Kim So Eun Interview with 10Asia.

Check out Kim So Eun interview with 10Asia which was featured in January issue.

  • My name is Kim So Eun. This is my real name that my father gave me. I think he chose this name more for the way it’s pronounced, rather than for the meaning behind it.
  • 6 September 1989 is my birthday. I will turn 21 this year. (T/N: She says 21 because she’s using the Korean way of counting your age.)
  • Even though I’m already 20, I don’t feel unhappy with juvenile or teenage roles. As I grow older, I wouldn’t be able to act in these roles even if I want to, so I think it would be good to take on these roles while I still can.
  • I have a sister younger than me by 4 years. She used to hope I would appear more on TV, but I think her attitude has changed recently. (laughs)
  • Honestly, I never thought I would become such an “issue” and receive so much love from viewers. I’m really thankful for everyone’s interest in me, so much so that even though I don’t eat much these days, I feel “full” (from all the viewers’ love). Even though my body is tired, my heart still feels happy and fortunate.
  • I’ve heard of the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ manga, but I only read it when I got casted for the drama.
  • Jan Di is hotheaded and acts rashly, while Ga Eul is someone a little more mature. Even though these two characters are friends well-matched in appearance, in reality Goo Hye Sun who acts as Jan Di, is 5 years older than me.
  • I tend to follow the director’s instructions. I had a really hard time trying to understand my character in the movie ‘Two People’ (2004), especially since we did not film the movie in sequence. During that time, I talked a lot to the director, and tried my best to follow his direction.
  • ‘Empress Chun Chu’ director Shin Chang Seok is an “atmosphere maker”. He’s not someone who gives off an overpowering sense of authority, but someone who tries to make actors & actresses feel comfortable and at ease, and makes the atmosphere on set enjoyable. He also has a special way of signalling “OK” when ending a film shot. I can even imitate his voice when he does that. (laughs)
  • I spent 3 months at an action school learning horse-riding, archery and sword-fighting, before starting filming. In the beginning, it was tough physically, but I’m used to it now. I thought that the more challenging the training was, the more it would help me to express my charisma naturally on screen.
  • I’ve always been rather good at sports. I enjoy skiing during the winter season. When I was in high school, I once took golf lessons, and quickly got interested in golf then.
  • I call Chae Si Ra sunbae “unnie.” In the beginning, I would call her “sunbae-nim”, but Si Ra unnie told me to call her “unnie” comfortably. She also advises me a lot on acting.
  • I have become close to the teenage actors/actresses in the same production. Eun Bin who acts as Hwang Bo Seol, is the same age as my sister, and I feel like she’s my real sister too. I also behave like real siblings with Woo Hyuk oppa, who acts as Wang Chi in the drama. Even the rest of the people on set think we’re like real siblings too.
  • I don’t think it’s uncomfortable acting with so many seniors in sageuk (historical) dramas, and in fact there are many advantages to working with them. I’ve not only learned about acting from them, but also about many things other than acting. They teach me when there are difficult words in the script I don’t understand, and I’ve also learned a lot from them about etiquette. I’ve heard frequently that it’s important to greet people properly.
  • When my busy schedule ends, I want to go on a holiday. I’ve been to Japan before with my friends, and I’ll like to revisit those places and good memories. About New Caledonia… I think I’ll turn that down. (laughs) It’s because I had a difficult time filming on location (then).
source: Bumsso.

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