'Girls' Generation & Roora Uniting! To Do a Joint Stage Performance of the Hit Song '3!4!'

Girls’ Generation and Roora will be joining forces to perform Roora’s hit song ‘3!4!.

On the 2nd of August, Girl’s Generation and Roora will be performing the song on the ‘Live SBS Inkigayo’.

Roora will be presenting this special performance with their juniors Girls’ Generation, as a way of celebrating the show’s ‘Summer Holiday Dance Special’.

Furthermore, Inkigayo’s 2PM MCs Ok Taecyeon and Jang Wooyoung will transform into their seniors Deux to perform the song ‘In Summer’.

4MINUTE will perform Cool’s trademark song ‘Woman on the Beach’.

Source: The Asia Economy
Translation: chris2I40 @ Soshified.com

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