[message] Hannie’s Tears are not cheap

Written by Hannie’s Korean Fan (credits to onepinetree)

Please again, NO DISCUSSION ABOUT ‘ONLY13′. (Sorry, i just have to mention this every time SJM is mentioned as a caution to readers)

Han Geng is a strong person. A very strong person.

Nevertheless, his eyes often swam with tears on Chinese TV programs.

After he got banned from the Korean TV stations, Han Geng managed to appear on some Chinese TV shows thanks to his Chinese fans’ untiring efforts such as requesting his appearance until the server went down.

Since he had to put up with so many things by himself, he often showed his tears against his will to hold them back.

And as we know, there were complicated situations when SJ-M made a debut in 2008. Han Geng, who was in desperate need for fans’ support, was rejected by his own fans. The official SJ fan club was against the SJ-M’s debut and even boycotted its first album. He had to pass by those fan protesters every day in front of the SM building on his way to record the SJ-M album. Nobody could guess how he felt that time since Han Geng did not say any single word about it.

SJ-M made a debut with numerous handicaps: no fans’ support, Korean members with little Chinese skills and Chinese rookies, and the unprepared SM China branch.

Han Geng basically had to overcome such hindrances with his bare hands.

He must have been very frustrated with all situations around him. Thus we often witnessed his tears at the beginning of SJ-M promotion activities.

That time Han Geng’s tears seemed usual to many people.

However, after mid-summer of 2008 with Olympics and SJ-M’s more established status, he barely showed his tears to us.

This year once he returned to Korea with the SJ’s 3rd album, he never showed his tears.

The tears that used to symbolize Han Geng’s hardships seemed to disappear.

So, I felt relieved: At least I don’t have to watch him shed tears again.

Of course, it is one thing that he doesn’t show his tears and it’s another thing that complicated situations around Han Geng got dissolved. It’s just a matter of fact that Han Geng became a much stronger person.

Still he has to deal with numerous problems around him and his band, which can make him shed tears again. Simply Han Geng is holding everything back to himself. I can assume it based on his personality and character.

His future won’t be an easy road.

Han Geng has to overcome controversial SJ’s images in Korea that often don’t match with his own image.

He has to lead SJ-M as a group leader as well as a practical manager.

Meanwhile he has to find his own way to become a promising actor…probably by himself.

Situations around Han Geng get so complicated that he might show his tears again. But I know he won’t do that since he is not the same person who used to cry out of his hardships any longer.

When he sheds tears next time, the tears would be out of his own accomplishments.

Because Han Geng’s tears are not cheap.

Two weeks later, on the last day of the Super Show II, Han Geng finally burst into tears.

After all hardships he went through, Han Geng finally made it: The official recognition of SJ-M in Korea where he got booed earlier this year.

He showed his tears to us again. But this time his tears were different.

They symbolized his accomplishments in Asia markets during past one and a half year.
My assumption was so right: Han Geng’s tears are not cheap.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this.....such beautiful write-up about him......and from his Korean fan....makes it even more meaningful

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