[News] 2ne1 wins over SNSD by mere 7 points in music bank!

2ne1 wins BACK-TO-BACK on music bank! Also winning M!Countdown yesterday over SNSD. This is outstanding performance from a rookie group! even the success of their first single Fire was amazing considering they are new, now with their I dont care its even more bigger! and it will get bigger once they start promoting pretty boy and release and MV which I (and many) hope will be soon.

2ne1 won against SNSD over a mere 7 point lead which reminds us of 2pm and Suju's 2 points difference in the same music show. It is really amazing for a rookie group competing against SNSD, since SNSD has a bigger fan base and have stayed longer in the biz. They are indeed a success, who said YG cant succeed in female groups? 2ne1 is indeed a hit and exceeded expectations. With their success there is no doubt they will win Rookie of the year, not only that, they have surpassed the success of a typical rookie group! Now, Yang Goon (YG's CEO) said that if possible, 2ne1 will hold an independent concert before the year ends. Basing from their performance till now, do you think its possible? i say YES it is possible!!!!! Im sure YG family especially Teddy and big bang sunbaes are very proud of 2ne1.

Upon announcement Leader undeniable CL thanked G-dragon who have helped style them and supported them throughout, Teddy (of course, their pretty boy producer, song writer, etc.) and the entire YG family. They are indeed very blessed and I am very happy they won, and Im also wishing for more awards to come.

Ever since they have debuted they had constant improvement. With every performance they bring something new, fresh and well improved. They have really worked hard to bring the best, practicing till late in the evening even if they are already dead tired.

Check out their performance and encore below:

Wishing for nothing but the best to 2ne1! HWAITING!

what do you think of their costume for todays performance? hot eyh? :D

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay im so happy for them.. and I hope they keep winning!

  2. Anonymous says:

    grats for them, well done. 2ne1 fighting!~

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