[News] 2PM, “We are not an idol group, we are a gag group” 2pm_220709_1

Known for their acrobatic moves and extraordinary dance poses, idol group 2PM was on MBC Every1 ‘떴다 그녀’ recently when they said that they have been endless calls for their gags on various variety shows.

They also talked about how with their gag and comical character on shows they have received good reviews from views to the extent that they can say they have not antis at all. From dancing to speech gag to body gag. It is like they are an idol with no impossibles for their gag.

“JunHo would try to do as much gag as possible, he has greed to do more gag. And WooYoung is one who do not need to do gag to be funny.”

They also added, “We are like a gag group who is funny on variety shows but on stage we have to show our cool features as singers.”


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    2PM rocks.

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