[news] Dara wants to have a concert in the Philippines!

YES ITS TRUE!!!! Dara said so herself! Entertainment live is a show in the Philippines and one of the hosts Bianca Gonzales went to seoul korea just to have an exclusive interview with Sandara park! YES SHE WENT TO KOREA JUST FOR THAT!

It seems that filipino's miss their krung krung sandara park and requested for an interview. A lot should have requested cause the host personally went to korea and had an exclusive interview with 2ne1 backstage in SBS inkigayo.

Bianca was shocked that dara still remembers her tagalog and they even spoke with each other in tagalog. Dara talked about how she misses her friends back in the Philippines and her past experience in the talent show she entered. She also gave the host a free autographed mini album! Im so jealous!

The host then told Dara that 2ne1 is a big hit here in the Philippines even topping the charts! Dara said that she wants to have a 2ne1 concert in Araneta Colosseum (a big dome here in the Philippines where major concerts and shows are held). She said that she's just waiting for an invitation from the Philippines and they are also waiting confirmation for a future concert from YG.

We all know that YG wishes for 2ne1 to hold a major concert, how about an asian tour YG? Since 2ne1 is a big hit here in the Philippines, Im pretty sure there will be sold out tickets if a concert will be held.

CL and Minzy even introduced themselves in Tagalog while Park Bom talked in english. And the host said that Boys over Flowers is really famous here in the Phil. and asked if she knows anyone from the cast. Dara then said that she is a good friend of Goo Hye Sun, but also said that she has never met Lee Min Ho.

Im really happy after I watched this vid, Dara still has us in her hearts. Im really praying for 2ne1 to visit Philippines soon.!!! :D

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Minji is so cute if you keep watching her in the background. She's so interested in the interview that she's stretching her neck to see what they're talking about...

  2. JASR says:

    her tagalog is still good. =)

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