[NEWS] DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Junsu's solo activities to be announced soon

The announcement of TVXQ’s second half year plan which includes the acting debut from 3 of TVXQ members: Jaejoong for “Heaven’s Postman”, Yunho for “Heading to The Ground”, and Changmin for “Paradise Meadow” is getting a lot of concerned. How high the loyalty of their fans to actually watch the dramas of their idols has become a topic to talk about.

Meanwhile, stick in musical activities, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong in duet project is targeting Japan market. Their duet song, “COLORS~Melody and Harmony” was introduced for the first time at TVXQ’ concert in Tokyo Dome in early July. The single itself is scheduled to be released and broadcast in late September. The song is produced especially for image song of Japan’s popular character “Hello Kitty 35th anniversary”.

As for Junsu, the only member whose solo activity hasn’t announced yet, there’s still running a careful discussion for his various activities plan including music recording so that he will soon in synergized with other members.

SM entertainment said, “Actually the member who comes out first with solo activity is Junsu who formed AnyBand back then in 2007 for a cellphone CF.”

“The activity plan which will reveal his true talent for both Korea and Japan stage will be announced soon.”

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Yunho and Changmin will be filming for their drama, Jaejoong and Yoochun will be promoting their next single..colors and melody for Hello Kitty,.... am guessing junsu will be doing solo ...may be releasing a single or something or another drama? or CF? lol stay tune for updates !.They are doing solo projects as a group.

Dont worry :) the 5 of them are still a group no matter what.They still have plenty of concert performances...and fans will get to see them together as a group performing.A-nation concert, SMTOWN 09 concert, Dream concert.

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  1. kamai says:

    i really hope junsu will realese solo album.his voice is just soo soothing~

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