[news] Goo Hye Sun for Doutor Coffee Company

After turning down many offers of endorsement, Goo Hye Sun settles for Doutor Coffee Company. Unlike other artists who often accept offers right away, she had rejected many of them in the past because she had felt it wasn't right for her. This time she agreed on endorsing Doutor Coffee Company's new product Seoul Milk Doutor The Classic simply because she felt it was right for her.

Doutor Coffee Company has been around in Japan for 47 years, selling coffee to stores all around. The 'Seoul Milk Doutor The Classic,' mixed with three flavors of cafemocha, cafelatte, and cafeAmericano, is a collaboration between Japan's Doutor Coffee Company and Korea's Seoul Woo Yoo (Korean milk company). The Seoul Milk Doutor The Classic will be released on July 31st.

Today, Hye Sun showed up at the Marriot Hotel located in Banpo, Seoul to introduce the product.

credits: asianfanatics

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