[News] Jungmo “The kiss with Kim Heechul…only the lips touched”, and Sungmin’s little incident

On the show MBC Golden fishery – Radio star which was aired on July 22nd, Super Junior’s Sungmin and The TRAX’s Jungmo had talked about their kiss in the performance with Heechul.

On the show, MC Shin Junghwan said “You two have one thing in common. You guys are Kim Heechul’s man”. It has been known that both Sungmin & Jungmo were enforced to do a kiss with member Kim Heechul during Super Junior’s concert.

Jungmo said “It’s not a deep (kiss) at all, just lip touched” and “Heechul hyung likes that kind of that performance”, “I was scared at first”, “I could do (that) in the concert because there were many people and it was so noisy. But I couldnt do it when rehearsal and even got scold by Heechul hyung”

They also talked about Sungmin’s incident with his photos of cosplaying H.O.T’s Tony Ahn on internet. There was a picture among them of Sungmin in Tony Ahn’s cosplay costume kissed a girl in Jang Woohyuk’s cosplay costume. Sungmin said it was all his friend’s idea, they forced him to cosplay Tony Ahn and even grabbed him to make the scene (of kissing the girl) and took photo of it. Sungmin said it was against his will of which Jungmo said “Sungmin likes girls a lot”

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