[news] Kangin explains Hangeng’s White Hair

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(or your hair’ll turn white)

From July 17th to 19th, SuperJunior held a three-day
concert in Seoul, for Super Show Second Asia Tour.
 On the afternoon of the 18th, SuperJunior held a
SuperShowⅡPress Conference at Olympic Fencing Stadium,
they accepted questions from a lot of world wide medias.

When asked which member is the most hard-working,
Kangin humorously said that Hangeng’s hair
is white, because he worked so hard.

Kangin believed that third album promotions was an
event that led the members closer “If I’m on stage
and I’m playing happily, then the audience watching
it will feel very happy too.” Leeteuk also said that
Sorry Sorry is possibly Super Junior’s most popular song,
Super Junior also found their own style in music,
they’ll also perform a R&B version of Sorry Sorry at the concert.

About the Concert’s hottest performance, Leeteuk
mentioned Hangeng, Eunhyuk, and Shindong’s Dance
Performance and Ryeowook’s Sexy Dance. Shindong
said the members are all so greedy, when they
were preparing solos, they’d keep it a secret.

  Taiwanese media reported that Sorry Sorry
is very popular in Taiwan, which lead to many
giggles. Hangeng: “First of all, We’re really grateful
for everyone’s support, i hope when we
release our 4th album, it’ll also
produce great songs.” Kangin: “Other Celebirties
gave us a lot of help, thank you guys.”

  In the end Leader Leeteuk said “We hope
the time period of 17th-19th will be successful,
we ask everyone for their care & support. When
this tour ends, and when we come back, we’ll
once again greet everyone. Next year we’ll comeback
with a different style. Not only in korea, but all
over Asia we’ll try to spread Super Junior’s name.
We’ll always be the hardworking Super Junior.”

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