[News] The most Expected One : MINJI

Yang Hyun Seok of YG Entertainment, which recently debuted a new 4-member female group 2NE1, has revealed that the member in the group he most anticipated and expected to make it big is youngest member Gong MinJi.

Gong MinJi is born in 1994 and is currently at a tender age of 15 years old, and is the granddaughter of Korean cultural dancer Gong OkJin. And recently she has caused a topic after giving up on high school to focus on 2NE1’s activities.

Yang HyunSeok said in a recent interview, “Gong MinJi has been training under me since elementary school period. She is a kid who is born while I was doing ‘Dreaming of a BalHae’ as Seo Taiji and Boys.”

“When I look at Gong MinJi, I think about what I was doing when I was at that age. She danced really well just like her grandmother. She is the member who possessed infinite possibilities.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    go minji!! you can do it!!! she really has the potential to make it big..with her age and her skills now (whish is just alrite) i'll bet with a few more years of expirience she can be someone big for sure.

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