[News] Waiting for the ‘Female Rain’

Waiting for the 'Female Rain'

Those waiting on Rain's personal female protégé, labeled by netizens as the >>"Female Rain"<<, will have to wait just a little longer for her debut.

Due to Rain's busy personal schedule, he is unable to personally take part in her training process often. He will be hosting a global fan-meeting on the 26th as well as begin promoting his Asian tour that will begin promptly next month. Not only is the man occupied in Asia, but in America as well. On November, Ninja Assassin is to be released in theaters. Also, in order to not disappoint those anticipating her debut, Rain prolonged her training process to ensure she will deliver and then some. J.Tune representatives have stated, "Her abilities have come along far enough so that she can appear on the stage at any minute, but Rain wants to fulfill all the expectations due to the title of his best pupil and that seems to bring pressure and tension. He'll spend some time and will train her systematically."

So the pressure is on, but we're all eagerly anticipating this polished, hand-picked talent from the Rain man himself. Since we know little to nothing about this girl, it just adds to the anticipation. She's bound to be talented and if she's also hot, I'd say Rain's got himself a winner.


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