[news] Wonder Girls Audition dance battle videos receives 800,000 hits in 2 days

On the 24th of July, the Wonder Girls’ new Ever Audition CF was released. It showed the girls dancing on a brightly lit stage. These videos of their dance battles recorded 800,000 hits in a mere 2 days of its release.

Sunye, Sunmi,Sohee, Ye-eun, Yoobin each had different concepts, dance choreographies, music, lighting,and fashion styles. They have each introduced different genres of dance.

Responses from netizens include, ”I want to go to a club and dance with Sohee”, “Their dances and clothes are very eye-catching ” “It’s no wonder they’re still the best girl group in Korea.”

Wonder Girls had been practising the choreography for the CF for months, care has also been taken to choose the perfect clothes to fit their style of dance.

Source: wonderfulsworld.com

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