[News] YG talks about G-Dragon's 1st solo album

Yang HyunSeok has raised expectations and anticipation for Big Bang GDragon’s first solo album.

He was on 2NE1TV recently and gave an introduction about GDragon’s solo album to be released on 18th August.

He said, “Kwon JiYoung is really a big hit. All these time he has been producing with me for Big Bang’s album, but for this album he did producing works alone.”

“Currently about 9 songs are done. I like them a lot, listening to them everyday. It’s like he is going to sweep this summer away.”

GDragon’s solo album will be released on his 21st birthday on 18th August. The album was postponed from the initial release date of April as GDragon got into slight depression due to exhaustion and overwork.

src: sookyeong

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