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Vogue Girl took Yoon Eun Hye to the Indonesian island of Bali for a magazine feature. In addition to the beachside photo shoot, an interview on her current preferences was included in Vogue Girl’s August issue. Translated excerpts are below.

Vogue Girl (VG): Tastes change little by little over time. We want to talk more about actress Yoon Eun Hye’s tastes (preferences) at present in 2009. What movie do you currently like?
Yoon Eun Hye (YEH): I used to watch a lot of trendy movies but now I tend to choose films that give off a new feeling whenever I watch. In that aspect, Eternal Sunshine [of the Spotless Mind] is always the best movie for me.

VG: What about a book?
YEH: I’ve read a lot of books, but in one moment I got into a condition where I couldn’t even read one page of a book properly. Because I had too many thoughts. I’d read one page, think about something else, and then read that same page again but feel like it was the first time, so books that I could have easily read in one or two days would take a week. But the amazing thing is when I read a book while in a state of wanting solace or having something to reflect on, I always come across a passage that fits that situation. Then I receive strength or find a solution through that passage.

VG: What kind of music do you listen to these days?
YEH: It depends on the weather or my mood, but I generally listen to jazz or 트리팝 these days. I liked Jason Mraz a while ago, but I’m on a break right now (laughter). My hands aren’t used to the method of putting songs on an MP3 player so I don’t use it much. Plus, I feel better when buying CDs rather than downloading music.

VG: What food do you like to the point of having to eat it at least once a week?
YEH: If I choose all of the food that I like, they’re all ‘foods that I know very well don’t benefit the body but can’t give up’. Bread, chocolate, ice cream, black bean noodles, pizza, tteokbokki (KP’s note: 떡볶이; referred to as stir-fried rice pasta on Naver’s encyclopedia)! I have to pay attention to managing my figure since I’m going into a new production now, but it’s too hard to fight the temptation of a sweet pancake or waffle when I go to a cafe. I think to myself that I mustn’t eat it but when the food is put in front of me, I eat it without a second thought.

VG: What type of flower do you like?
YEH: I don’t like flowers that much. Although they’re beautiful when in full bloom, it’s so wasteful to throw them out when they’ve wilted. That’s why I don’t particularly like to receive flower bouquets as gifts. Although I’d have to reconsider that if it’s a boyfriend who gives me some. Ah, I like it when I see freesias because they remind me of my mother who likes them.

VG: What fashion items do you enjoy wearing these days?
YEH: Although I shouldn’t, there are a lot of times recently when putting on clothes is bothersome. At times like those, the solution is always jeans and a white t-shirt. I used to like a feminine style before.

VG: Is there a style icon that you like?
YEH: I do look at foreign fashionistas but it’s simply to compare; I haven’t considered wanting to copy them.

VG: Where’s a travel destination that remains in your memory?
YEH: I’ve been all over our country for work purposes, but for vacation, a trip to see the ocean at Sokcho three years ago is all. I’ve also flown abroad a countless number of times but as a matter of fact, personal vacations have been rare. No, not rare, but a trip to Tokyo with friends has been the first and the last [personal trip] so far. Tokyo is a city that I like because it’s close enough to leave quickly and there are lots of yummy things to eat. Hawaii is a place that I want to go to! A friend recommended it, saying that it’s a place that [he/she] thinks I’ll like.

VG: What kind of guy do you feel attracted to?
YEH: When I was young, there were times when I was attracted to the so-called ‘bad boy’. However, more and more I’m beginning to like and feel secure with a good, upright person who treats elders well. It’s ok if he’s a bit gruff. Because he can just be charmingly cute to me.

VG: When do you feel happy?
YEH: Rather than at a special moment, I’m just happy these days. I think this is the happiest time of my life so far. Although I feel uneasy that the happiness could crack, I’ve resolved not to think like that anymore.

VG: What do you do to get out of melancholy?
YEH: Similar things as other people. Go watch a movie with staff members, go to karaoke, and chat with friends at a coffee shop. If the stress is really severe, I cry alone at home. And that’s how I shake it off.

VG: When was the time you felt most proud of yourself?
YEH: Everytime I see my present self, I feel pride. Because I’ve experienced a lot since I debuted when I was young, because I receive fans’ love as an actress, and because I’ve received some extent of recognition in the field of acting. Although my body and mind get exhausted when I work, I find it amazing that I can endure it when I’m about to collapse. Of course there were difficult times in the past, but I think everything’s ok now. That might be why I’m happy now.

Source: Vogue Girl
Translation By: KPCulture

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