[News]2PM Junsu WooYoung and Junho Interviews with Chosun

credit: Kor-Eng by Muize@2pm-online.com, SOURCE: Chosun

2PM Junsu “Completely awkward when not being on the stage”
-What kind of person is Junsu in 2PM?
“23 yr-old main vocalist who came from Daegu. I’m also a music and lyrics composer”
- What does 2PM mean to Junsu?
“Enthusiasm. Always be a group full of Fightings.”
- Since when did you want to be a singer?
“When I was at 3rd year of junior high school, I had watched Stevie Wonder concert videos several times. That look was so good that I used to sing along. Continuing to have that interest, I started to learn about sounding when I went to High school then at 2nd year, I made a demo tape and sent it to YG and JYP. During that time, JYP had held a singing contest at Daegu, I won the 1st place. I debuted as a singer just like hat”
- Tell me about your charm
“I heard that I looked awesome on the stage, frankly I feel so weird if I’m not on the stage. Well, nevertheless, it’s rare seeing someone look so cool on the stage.”(laughs)
- What do you think is your weak point?
“From time to time, I have troubles because I keep forgetting dancing steps. We have to go right side, I go left side alone and I’m not funny person haha.”
- What do you do at 2 p.m.?
“I’m busy with tight schedule so it’s always the same.”
- The secret of taking care of your body
“My shoulders are wide. I have to be careful when working out because I’m afraid it’ll be wider. So I do something like robe-jumping or running. I eat a lot but if it’s not necessary then I try not to eat at night.”
- If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would be right now?
“Whatever I’d be, it’d be related to music, I guess. I’m a person that if I’m hooked with something then I know nothing besides that”

2PM Wooyoung “I’m the fussy mother of 2PM”
-What kind of person is Wooyoung in 2PM?
“I’m the fussy mother of 2PM. I’ve been loathing dirt so I always nag members to clean up. But no matter how often we clean, there’s plenty of dirt. Since we’re singers, it’s not good for our voices. That’s why members can hear a lot of unwanted sounds”
- Since when you dreamed of becoming a singer?
“5 or 6 years old? Since I went to kindergarten, I wanted to be a singer”
- Looks like you started at an early age
“Back then I had watched Michael Jackson’s music videos and received a great influence. A young kid had been affected by such shock (?) so later I woke up I made a determination that no matter what happened, I’d become a dancer! I started early.”
- When did you prepare to be a singer?
“At 2nd - 3rd year of junior high school. Since then I thought of being a singer and prepared for an audition alone at night. I joined JYP audition when I was at 1st year of High school.”
- Tell me about your charm
“Cute? (laughs) I heard people say that I was cute many times. Well, even I think that I have a sense of humor and wits”
- What do you think is your weak point?
“Too serious. The problem is that I’m worried too much.”
- The secret of taking care of body
“Fatty food is absolutely forbidden. Eat protein-rich foods like white eggs and chicken chest meat and try to eat rice such Jabgokbab(steamed rice with multi grains)”
- If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would be right now?
“Dancing, for sure. I’ve trying to be a famous dancer ever since I was in Busan.”

2PM Junho “I’m a quietly funny person”
2PM member Junho (19) just a small smile and his eyes turned into half-moon shape. “Having eyes that can smile is my charm. I have nothing special…” As if he was proud with his own charm, Junho smiled at us with his cute smiley eyes. He was no doubt a boy.
-What kind of person is Lee Junho?
“I’m relentless. My belief is ‘Do things that you can’t do!’. If there’s a problem, I’ll persistently think how I can solve it and tend to worry about it even when I practice singing or dancing. I need to know about myself well so I monitor myself a lot. I tried to be open to all criticisms that’s why I’m able to maintain my composure more than 1st album”
- What does 2PM mean to Junho?
“A liberal group. I don’t have members who I don’t like. Everyone is like a family, it’s the freedom. Although we’re all men, we haven’t had a fight, hit or beaten each other. Still we have to spend time together more.”
- Since when did you want to become a singer?
“When I was at elementary school, after watching ‘The fairy Commy’ I had a thought of becoming an actor. My dream kept changing from pilot, baseball player, basketball player to swimmer when I talked to my mother she wouldn’t listen much. I went to a drama school for high school. At my first year, as I had been learning about drama for half a year, I started singing as well. And then there was an audition for Super Star Survival. From 6500 persons, luckily I happened to win the 1st place. That’s why I got to join 2PM.”
-Do you think what is the reason that makes nuna fans get crazy over 2PM?
“Because there’s not much singers who sweat on the stage much like us? (laughs) Seems like the time that girls think guys sexy is when we dance and sweat. We have a sexy appeal of men maybe it’s the reason why nuna fans like us.”
-I think this is my charm…
“Smiley eyes? (laughs) nothing special.”
-From my point of view, my weak point is…
“Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to have many worries inside which makes me receive a lot of stress. To get rid of it, I’ll have delicious meals or play games with members at dorm”
- It looks like the passion of the team is suitable for the name 2PM
“We and 2AM came out as project groups. For 2AM, this team was built for soothing ballad like 2 a.m., it’s the time to listen to sensitive songs while 2PM presents energetic songs. Because 2 p.m. is the hottest time of the day.”
-What do you usually do at 2 p.m.?
“It depends, mostly being in the car or on standby. Ah, recently I replaced Park Myung Soo for One-day DJ. It’s a very meaningful experience.”
-Who was the member who studied well?
“It must be Taecyeon. I don’t know exactly how the others members’ grades were but Taecyeon said that before coming here, all he did in Boston was studying so it looks like he will study well”
-How is your real look different from what has been shown on TV?
“My image was created to be an unfunny person, honestly I’m a person who can make you roar with laughter. Not that I don’t have a sense of humor, it’s just a character that has been made. Is it because I’m only good at insulting jokes so I look like that?(laughs)”
- The secret of taking care of your body
“Working out steadily for about 1-2 hours every day. Usually I go to health club and set up meal plans.”
- If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would be right now?
“Maybe I’d be just a normal student. However since I can’t study well, I’d love to major in drama which I was interested in when I was in high school.”
-What is the advice that President Park Jin Young always gives?
“He said ‘Don’t overdo it’ and it was fine to do something funny as well as to show our true selves on variety shows but on music ones he asked us to always present serious looks and be moderate in all things. Actually, I used to get scolded by President Park Jin Young. It was the debut day, at last stage everybody came onto the stage to have last words,I said it with frisky look.”

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