[News]Epik High is on American iTunes top 10 chart!

3-member hip hop group Epik High’s new album ‘Remix The Human Soul’ is up on the top 10 of American iTunes chart.

He revealed the good news on Epik High’s official homepage on 24th July about hitting the top 10 on the chart.

He said,

“Our [Remixing the Human Soul] album ranked top 10 on the US iTunes chart… got as high as #5 yesterday. It’s top 20 in Japan and top 10 in other countries as well (not to mention #1 in Korea yesterday). This is a strange feeling. It’s on the electronic music chart… seeing my album up there with daft punk and moby is a little strange… but, wow! Revvvvvvv up the engines for the next album, baby! thank you!!!”

Meanwhile the album is released on the 22nd. Together with this album is the song ‘Electronic gangster’ collaboration with Jung HyungDon included as the hidden track.]


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