[News]Son Dambi and After School for Samsung’s Amoled,

Son Dambi is no newbie with Samsung as she modeled for the AnyCall's Ultra Haptic earlier on, where the line is also known as the 'Haptic AMOLED.’ This time she gets together with After School and does a collaboration for the Samsung HP model. And the full song for 'Amoled' is out! The song's actually pretty catchy. I can't wait for there to be a CF for this. Hear for yourself!

We also reported earlier on that Son Dambi and After School forms a project group with the revelation of 7 ladies in black picture. Well, we've got more of that for you! There have been newly released pictures of Son Dambi and After School connecting to the one we showed earlier in promotion for 'Amoled.' The girls are looking hot!


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