[Pictures] SNSD members are good mummies!!

I think many of you have watched Girls' Generation Hello Baby before.Hello Baby is one of my favourite shows nowadays thanks to Soshisubs for subbing it in english.

If you are a regular viewer of the show you must have known the name of the 9 months old baby,Kyung San.This cute little baby really cries a lot during the shows and SNSD mummies gotta think of many ways to calm him down.

As time passes by,his relationship with SNSD is getting closer.I have found some pictures where Kyung San gave SNSD mummies a surprise by visiting them when they were preparing for their performance backstage,hope that you will like those pictures!

Kacey@Daily K Pop News

More pics under the cut!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These are pictures of when SNSD took Kyungsang to work from Hello Baby, not Kyungsang paying a surprise visit. SNSD brought him there.

    Damn, there are tons of scripts running on this blog.

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