Rain joins Manchester United

Popstar Rain joined the Manchester United team for a game of soccer at the Dream Match at Ban-po Hangang Citizen Park this past July 23rd. Rain attended this charity event as the new “Seoul Publicity Ambassador,” making this his first official promotional event as the new ambassador.

Rain started off coaching the children a few techniques of dribbling, shooting, pass, etc. alongside the Manchester United players at the soccer clinic.

Following the short soccer clinic, the popstar played a short twenty minute game with the young aspiring soccer players, leading his team to a victory game of 6 to 4. It’s great that Rain won the game, but who is that girl and why is dear Rain holding hands with her?! Lucky girl!

Rain also attended the charity event that followed, donating T-shirts and sneakers with the Seoul logo he designed himself and also provided each Manchester United player a shirt as a gift. In addition, Rain presented a helfty donation of 680 million KRW members of his fan club, Cloud, donated for the event.


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