Sori Releases Boy Boy Music Video

Sori's new music video for her new single "Boy Boy" is out and it's hot! Check it out:

Sure it may not be as hot as "Real Lips", but this time Sori is back with a whole new feel. Following the trends set by Son Dam Bi and the Wonder Girls, Sori is back with a retro concept based on the 1970's, 1980's trends and fashions. And just as promised, the choreography is extremely catchy, making the song seem even better.

Sori commented, "Even before my debut this is a concept that I have wanted to do. During the planning of this album I was very nervous so I studied it (the concept) a lot."

Sori is scheduled to have a full comeback this week on all four music shows.

Video Credits: jaeuraznmv1

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  1. MAGGIE says:

    wow the synthesizers make her voice sound weird o__O
    lmao and the retro thing is funny xP

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