[STORY] SS2 VCR-Heechul’s Children’s Tale

A long long time ago, there was CatHeechul, whom though he looked very cute but his character wasn’t great. He really looked very very very handsome.
“Yah! Really handsome, really handsome!”
One day the fluctuating CatHeechul was suddenly fidgety.
“Ah~ It’s boring! Is there nothing to do?”
CatHeechul suddenly wanted to bring DragonHankyung & FishDonghae for an adventure.
So Fishy said, “Where are we going! Where are we going!”
DragonHankyung wasn’t happy at all, “I’m too tired! Go yourself! Silly!”
Then, PiggyDongdong suddenly appeared, snatching a poisoned apple to eat.
“Oh! Hyung! This is too great!” Saying this Dongdong opened a bottle of drink.
Little anchovy stuck onto him crawling, it’s AnchovyEunhyuk kekeke
Suddenly, on the side DragonHankyung said, “Ah, there’s so many people here”
“Please accept the Savior, God will save everyone, Hallelujah someday~”
Suddenly DragonHankyung got angry at CatHeechul, “yah, I’m dead tired, you’re now riding on me, you know! You’re mean!”
“Yah, just go forward a little bit more, then the princess that’s asleep in the forest will appear, she’s pretty, really pretty.”
At that moment, Donghae abruptly got a scare & jumped shouting, “ah! the bear that’s asleep in the forest!” is a dinosaur.
“Te ki te ki~ A zo a te ki te ki~ A zo a let’s go let’s go te ki te ki~ ah~ Who’s Jungsu’s friend?”
Consequently, this is how AnchovyEunhyuk & DinosaurEeteuk met~ These two somehow always give the feeling of being a DJ. With this the sudden adventure continued, when from nowhere two cows with fluttering lashes ran out. It’s OxKangin & CowSungmin.
OxKangin insisted on wearing CatHeechul’s glass slipper, & they made a scene.
“Yah! I wanna wear that too, those shoes.”
“Ooo… the shoes are broken.”
“Don’t move! From now on, those that move are all criminals! The shoes are broken! What?!”
“It wasn’t me~”
“Yah! You wore it, if it’s not you, then who is it!”
CatHeechul who was sitting on the coach continuing the adventure, met RabbitRyeowook & TurtleYesung.
“Rabbit! Race!”
“Okay, let’s race!”
This was the exchange school’s holy land, Gyeongju. Not only could you see the Bulguksa temple, there’s also many pagodas, Suhkgatap, Cheomseongdae observatory.
You can also see the nearby PC bang, where KangarooKyuhyun is furiously playing Starcraft.
“Eyebags really, please draw them bigger, it must be huge.”
“Yah, this kid’s face has many pimples, adding more pimples is fine.” (note: this bit was said by heechul to the cartoonist, making the cartoonist change kangarookyu’s image. so, manga kyu who’s sitting in front of the computer wearing a kangaroo suit, dots pop out on his face, plus eyebags)
Today, to slip to the PC bang, KangarooKyu made a thick rope to escape.
“We’ve known each other for seven years~ ah! Ah! The armpit’s hair hurts oh oh oh!”
Watching the descending KangarooKyu, the members, who are usually full of love for their friend, all laughed nonstop, exclaiming happily.
But, what is this that’s falling from the sky~ What is this! What is! What~
Heechul’s Explosive Children’s Tale, End!
original; 丸子 @ kyuhyun’s baidu bar
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net

WTH??!!!!~what kind of story is this????????? LOL

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my ... he's always so random... love it

  2. hee chul oppa always make fun of everybody...
    im loving it

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