[Video] BEG "abracadabra" MV released!

What can I say? The mv is HOT! =] the song has a techno beat with hiphop... ahhh.. their outfits ... thow their voices seem to be digitalized.... =/ im waiting for their live performance... like their comeback single? yes yes? tell me! =]

wait! I WAS COMPLETELY CAUGHT OFF GUARD!!! i never thought the music video was G-rated. O____O... ugh~~ i wasnt ready >_< T_T i heard the rumors that the music video will be banned from korea TV unless edited.. okay... saying shake by chae yeon was "uncalled for" ... this is ... uhm.... worse? O___o ......

do you think it should be banned?

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  1. nascar boajjang says:

    In my opinion, this don't deserve to be ban. Though they could just edit those raunchy parts out, like at the end where some sort of a lesbo kiss seems to be mimicked then there's that hot scence where one of the member is nailed to the wall by a guy. Also that booby caressing part.

    However i don't really think it deserves to be ban though it's a bit raunchy, it's not slutty!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ehhh. some parts are too much.

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