Wonder Girls to Perform in Mexico

The Wonder Girls will be performing in Mexico soon.

On 29th July, youngest member Sohee said on her twitter, ” We are gonna go to Mexico in 2days! How’s the weather over there? TELL ME!!”

On 28th July, Ye Eun also updated her twitter, saying, ” I just saw Mexico fans’ video clips! Ican’t wait to go and meet them!”

The Wonder Girls’ management company JYP Entertainment said, “The Jonas Brothers Concert will be held in Mexico, and the Wonder Girls will also perform in Mexico City, said,” and “Both the Wonder Girls and the Jonas Brothers will be performing twice in Mexico City on July 31st.”

Since the end of June, the Wonder Girls have been performing in the United States at the American tour of the Jonas Brothers. They have helped open the tour 50 times so far and will continue to do so till the end of August.

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