090814 Music Bank Highlights

Special Stage - Special Group, Boy Group, 2PM, SNSD

Music Stage - KARA, Kyun Mi Ri, Drunken Tiger feat. T, 4Minute, T-Ara, FT Island, MC Mong feat. Jang Gun Ee + B.I, Norazo, 3 Chongsa, 2NE1, One2, Chae Yeon, IU, Bada, M feat. Kim Shin Young, Cool, Mighty Mouth, Park Hye Kyung, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Kid

watch the rest of the videos under the cut!

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  1. heyaaa. says:

    woah it feels good to see my dear 2PM perform
    again :D gaaah , love them .
    especially khuuunie ♥
    f.t. island , kara , snsd , mc mong performance
    were great as usual :D

  2. heyaaa. says:

    and poor junsu , he covered his whole nose + mouth. hes still sick and its obvious he wasnt singing live , poor junsu . takecare okay :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    when will 2ne1 end their promotion of "I don't care"? when will they have their goodbye stage?

  4. Anonymous says:

    dam ..y suju din't attend ? miss them so much

  5. Anonymous says:

    tiffany wasn't there.
    poor junsu
    the performance with 4min,t-ara, and kara wasn't as good as i expected but it was still ok.

  6. Anonymous says:

    where's tiffany??
    SNSD is great as usual..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why 2NE1 is always the winner!!! I really don't think and agree that 2NE1's "I don't care" can win over Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra"!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    yay,2ne1 won...
    2pm luv them

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well. I think that 2NE1 deserve it but it is not that other girl group song ain't good either. the other girl group also aknowledge that 2NE1 are very good despite being rookie.

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