Dear visitors,we are currently looking for more k pop lovers to join our authors group,if you are interested in posting latest K Pop News of your favourite idols,please send a message to kpoplove@live.co.uk

Conditions to be an author
1)Can post at least 3 posts a day.
2)Can write well in english,it is better if you can add some of your personal comments on the articles you post than merely copy and paste.
3)You must have a blogger account.

Rules of posting
1)Do not hotlink pictures from other sites,please save the pictures that you want to post then reupload them.
2)If you want to copy paste articles from other sites,with proper credits please!
3)Please post with proper title!
Example:[NEWS],[PICTURES],[VIDEOS] before the title of your post!
4)Post with proper labels!
5)You must have at least a picture for each of your post.
6)Please do not post outdated news,not even one day!
7)You have to be neutral in posting,please do not write something bad about the celebrities in your post even if you do not like them.
8)Lastly,please don't post some news or articles that have already been posted,check before you post!

There is nothing much you need to learn to post on Daily K Pop News,please send your details to kpoplove@live.co.uk if you are interested to join us!

We will give you a trial before deciding whether to give you the permission to join our team or not,so good luck!

Note:There is going to be a limit for the number of authors for our site,so apply now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I already sent an email for this after kacey comment on my site. ;) Will be willing to keep in touch if you do.

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