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SS501 “We were shocked. Hope he will rest in peace”

After learning about the death of ‘Kim DaeJoong ex-president’ on 18-Aug afternoon, Korea’s best group SS501 conveyed their surprise and memorial.

Group SS501 members conveyed their condolences “We were really surprised. We always remember Grandfather Kim DaeJoong (**they called him grandfather out of respect I guess) as a benevolent person. Grandfather Kim DaeJoong was a leader to our nation and we hope that he will rest in peace.”

Ex-president Kim was admitted to the intensive care unit at ShinChon Severance Hospital on 13-Jul due to pneumonia. He received intensive treatment but was not able to recover and finally marked the end of his life with many vicissitudes today afternoon at the age of 85.
Credits : asiae + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Japan AV Actress “SS501, I love you!”

Credits : lalala@sportshankook.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

“SS501, I love you!”

Top AV (Adult Video) star, Aoi Sora attended SS501’s Japan concert became a conversational topic.

Aoi Sora watched SS501 Asia Tour concert held on 13-Aug at Budokan Tokyo, Japan. SS501 held 2 sessions of concerts at 1pm and 7pm which were all being sold out, affirming their high popularity.

Aoi Sora was no different from any other Japanese fans, waving her glowstick and enjoyed herself at SS501’s powerful stage. After Aoi Sora went to the concert, she also left a fan account in her official blog. Aoi Sora wrote “I went to SS501’s concert. This is the 2nd time I’ve went to watch their performance, and this time, I saw the performance by all 5 members. And it struck me that I must study hard in my Korean language again.”

Aoi Sora has many fans even in Korea. Besides Aoi Sora, the dubbing team who did voice-over for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which Kim HyunJoong acted in, have also attended SS501’s concert in Japan.

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