[NEWS] Nichkhun reveals his ideal girl!

2PM's Nichkhun has stated that his ideal girl is Girl's Generation member YoonA.

He commented that "YoonA has a really pretty smile" when asked who his ideal girl was on KBS2's 'SangSang Plus Season 2'

Taecyeon also stated that he "really likes Ha Ji Won." Nichkhun confirmed this with a story. "We were eating in a restaurant this one day and saw Ha Ji Won on a poster and Taecyeon looked at it and said, 'Really sexy...' "

Leader Jaebum revealed, "I used to have a girlfriend in America. I don't remember who wanted to break up, but we eventually did breakup. But in Korea, I don't have a girlfriend."

credits to allkpop

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  1. isabel says:

    hahaha i want to watch this show..i like yoona and nichkhun..they're look good together..

  2. Chocoscopy says:

    Yoon A + Nickhun = Epic Fail

    Victoria(Or any of the girls from f(x). Except amber. Because she's MINE. Just kidding. ;D) + Nickhun = Epic Win ;D

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