Cambodians Steals Super Junior T's "Rokkugo!"

A Cambodian boy band by the name of RHM Boys takes the popular Japanese hit "Rokkugo" from Super Junior T. The Khmer version is called "Number 1." This isn't the first time Cambodian stars has been taking popular Korean/Japanese songs without permission. Other times include RHM Girls taking Wonder Girls' "Nobody" which JYPE is supposedly filing or already filed a lawsuit against the group.

To view the "Nobody" (Khmer version). Visit the rest of the post.

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  1. o____O
    not to be mean but they doesnt suit to sing the song.
    plus they look so rockish D:
    i thought some people would take lesson from the "nobody" case.
    but seems like they didn't. D:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Their not really a boy band their actually cambodia's top solo artists under the record company of RHM just singing together, i'm cambodian by the way...but no way am I condoning them singing suju songs.

  3. SSjunior says:

    I THINK korean version are much better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am cambodian and i agree they shouldn't take somebody else song that is just low. that why i stop listen to cambodian song and listen to Korean song instead.:)

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