[Cyworld] Donghae's Cyworld Update 23.08.2009

It is now 3 am…

Because I wanted to watch the movie -ONCE- so I watched it alone…

Together with choco milk…^^

Because I was too busy to watch a movie, even spending my sleep time to watch a movie

is very precious time.

Although I don’t take a look in the mirror when I’m watching movies, but it feels like I’m always smiling.

It’s a very touching movie.

Switching off the lights and watching it alone in the early morning…?? If you watched it with your loved one, to both parties, isn’t it a very cherish able and love-increasing time ??? I have this thought.

If there was no music in this world, it’ll be…extremely … sorrowful.

I’ll really grateful to those who fell in love with music and are able to make music.

Once more, I’d like to be grateful to the movie…

* ONCE *

[edit] Found the imdb description on the movie! HERE! [/edit]

Free Board Section Update:

- Donghae’s Recommended Songs -

Mario – Kryptonite

Mario – Do Right

Akon - Do Right

Mymp – Say you love me

Shayne Ward – Breathless

I shall end here today …I promise to recommend more^^~
Credits: SJBluecn


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  1. ice says:

    Wow. Hahaha. Kryptonite. I really like that song. :)) Is MYMP the OPM band? But I doubt that.

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