[Cyworld] Leeteuk Cy diary + entry update 22.08.2009

Diary Entry - 2009.08.21 금(2009.08.22 05:06)

..Better try to start over fresh..^^

..From the beginning, all over again..

Photo Entry - 2009.08.22 04:53 "..While Living.."

..While living, do not find a person to love..
..Do not find a person to hate either..

..You suffer because you cannot see a person whom you love..
..Then you suffer because you see a person whom you hate..

..The meaning of 'do not become too attached'..

..But I want to experience a love that aches my heart like that..

from: 박정수 cy
trans: rocket @ sj-world.net

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  1. wow.. what's his cyworld url?

  2. leeteuk's cy url : http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=53885055

  3. Liqin says:

    Leeteuk needs love! Goodluck waha.

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