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Date: 2009-08-13 Weather: Sunny

I went to a restaurant with Henry

Today I slept for nine hours
Which I am very happy about
I also went to record for Super junior M’s second album in the afternoon
I feel that these songs are very good. I hope that ELF will like sjm’s songs
Today in the afternoon I went to Chinese class, and after the class I went
together with HENRY to eat at a restaurant. I ate a lot of dishes, but he didn’t eat
because he was already full. I really wish to eat Chinese dishes soon ^^:
In the evening I returned to the dorms.
Today I missed our fans too.

I can do it!


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  1. SSjunior says:

    woo. chinese class! =D

  2. Liqin says:

    YAY! Learn it learn it hahaha.
    He really loves to eat. Huhu.

  3. Don :) says:

    ryeowook :)
    eat too much and he wil become fat :x

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