[Cyworld] Sungmin's Diary Entry 11.08.2009

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2009.08.11 화 10:35

Visited the farm land..

Mazumir Town^ㅡ^

Even their morals were good and..
A town that’s a good example of where
Everyone was full of laughter..

As we passed by, we were treated sesame seeds and they gave us potatoes in corn too..

And samgyetang*…ah~ It was so delicious..

The samgyetang’s taste was like.. being on a bench beside a valley with water flowing
In a tree’s shade, stealthily hiding away, a soft wind that tickles you,
Cooling off your sweat: when eaten, the taste is an art..

Was it “Nongjoo”? I don’t remember the name well but
They said it’s an alcohol that’s in samgyetang and they brought out some of it that they brewed themselves…
For me who can’t drink really well, even though it just touched my lips
It was a drink that caused me to cough automatically..

Can’t be felt in the city.. because there’s a lot of open air..

In that place, just lying down on a bench for a moment, my body felt lighter..
At that time, up till the tips of my toes, the exhaustion that was hiding and that I couldn’t feel
As they dissolved away, I softly began to fall asleep..

At that place, with food that was grown with their own hands and
Fresh air and, feeling like this,
I lost track of time….

Like this, until 11pm, Oppa Band filming continued
Us too, became like the laughter of Mazumir Town..

I also played the bass for the first time~
I sang songs and it was a happy time that I won’t be able to forget…

Each and every one who looked after Oppa band, thank you
And thank you, members..

Although I’m still a small chick without many talents
But growing bit by bit, I’ll find laughter..^^

* — Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

SR: 이성민 싸이월드
Translated by rocket @ SJ-World.net

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