[DKP Corner] SNSD' Yuri likes hair bands the most among the members?

Dear visitors,if you visit our blog regularly you might know that i am a big fan of SNSD's Kwon Yuri.

I have noticed something in Yuri that makes her different from other members.

I found that she really likes to wear hair bands,i have found a few pictures to prove my statement.I am not sure whether other members do wear hair bands or not,haha!!

Some pictures of the Black Pearl!

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  1. haha.... ooi is really really big fan....!!! nice pics... like her too.. but prefer yoona.. haha..

  2. Tvxq4everLove says:

    No...Before it was Jessica the one who loved hair bands the most ^^
    But then her hair was cut and she didn't use then anymore...
    Maybe Yul got Sicatitis and started to love hair bands too LOL
    YulSic! <333

  3. Anonymous says:

    yuri...you're so pretty...<3

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah!, I've noticed that too...she really loves the bands...I love those things too, it's easy handle your hair with these things...

    Well, I'm big fan of YuRi too...and I think she looks really good with her, it fits her well..

    I'm agree with Tvxq4everLove, Jessi was the member who used to wear the most the bands...both of them looks pretty with it ^-^

    Anyway, SNSD looks good with anything they wear, don't you think?

    SoShi Fighting!!

  5. chiish says:

    she really love headbands
    and she really is pretty^^

  6. vsint says:

    saw yuri like seeing a former girlfriend, I miss my former girlfriend.

  7. sandy says:

    yuri is so cute
    if i saw yuri reminded me of a former lover, I miss him

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