[DKP NEWS] SNSD's members continue to reveal secrets!

Girls' Generation attended SBS Intimate Note and they revealed each others' secrets!

Tae Yeon said,"Soo Young always snores when sleeping,sometinmes she even puts her feet on my head,i am already so short but she keeps doing that"!

Yoona added,"Tae Yeon has serious dream talk.I still remember she wakes up from sleep and says,"Hello everyone,i am Tae Yeon from SNSD,i am cool"!What Yoona said made everyone laughs!

Seo Hyun continues to say,"Sunny unnie always acts cute so that others will think that she is the maknae of the group,i hope that she can control herself more".Sunny then replied,"Seo Hyun will walk near me when i am eating fast food and says you will die faster eating all these food,i want to see how long can you live"!Everyone laughs again hearing that.

So please stay with us for the show tonight when the videos are out!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks lol they are so funny =D

  2. Anonymous says:

    <3 sunny unnie

  3. Anonymous says:

    is there any english sub for intimate note?

  4. Really Enjoy watching it on Youtube so Funny Reaveled their Secret!!!

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