After a year, SJ Kim Hee Chul returns as an actor by filming new SBS's Weekend Drama "Loving You A Thousand Times" after the "Can Anyone Love" drama fisished broadcasting.

In this new TV drama, he plays as LEE BAE DAL, a happy part-time worker in a food stand.

This drama will be aired on the 29th of this month.
And the story is about surrounding an infertile couple and their surrogate mother, as well as their families.

And also some serious issues will be part of the content. Kim Heechul acts as the comic relief in the drama and helps spread everyone's laughter.

The synopsis:
Lee Bae Dal, the son of a 50 years old television series writer Kim Chung Ja. He receives the love of many women, but is always abandoned by them in less than one day's time.

Though he is the son of a rich family, he insists that he needs to work at the food stand to earn pocket money, and makes his mother very worried.

The program production manager even said that Kim Hee Cul matched with Lee Bae Dal's characters, because he has happy personality and lively in real life.

More detail: the actress paired in a romantic relationship part in the drama with Kim Heechul is Park Soojin from the girl group "Sugar."

note: The show's first broadcast is on 8/29, and will broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 8:50 pm.
Other actors of interest are Ryu Jin and Lee Soo Kyung.

by snowwhite99 @ Daily K pop News

src article: sportsseoul

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  2. SBS channel. it's been contained in the post

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