Hits and Misses – Kim Jeong Hoon vs Jang Geun Seok

Hits and Misses of the day – photos of Kim Jeong Hoon posing with a new tan and in his army uniform are loved while netizens are appalled by recent photos of their pretty boy Jang Geun Seok.

Kim Jeong Hoon hits with his recent photos in the army.

Netizens love his new tan, and his new masculine look in military uniform shedding off those baby fats.

Netizens say:

* “Wow really good looking”
* “Ahh the perfect guy”
* “ㅠㅠMy idol forever~>_<”
* “Hot guy since young”
* “He even tans beautifully. Looking forward to his solo album”
* “Liked him since he was in UN”

While Jang Geun Seok at the press conference to his latest movie ‘Itaewon Homicide Case’.

Netizens say he looked like he’ve put on weight, and it’s hard to identify the pretty boy in him anymore.


* “Please stop. I like him the best when he was in ‘Hwang JinYi”
* “Cut the hair short please”
* “Did he go under the knife? Looks different”
* “Alcohol is the culprit, alcohol”
* “Wow he looks scary”
* “He looks like an ajusshi”
* “Why, I agree with everyone”

By looking at the responses from netizens, definitely the hit and miss of the day.

credits to k.bites

wow,geun seok look so different.>.<
and jeong hoon ah,you always looked so handsome+hot!!=p

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  1. heyaaa. says:

    my kim jeong hoon !
    missed him so very much :D
    waiting for his new album , if he has one !
    and what happen to geun seuk ?
    from the cute guy from 'my baby and i' ,
    to this ahjussi look. o.O

  2. Anonymous says:


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