[Interview] Interview with SJ Sungmin

Because of oppa band little chick sungmin is receiving much popularity, so they did an interview. And the reporter told min that he has a lot of nuna fans recently and even won #1 for some poll.

And he said that because of his appearance it looks like he’s someone people want to protect but he’s not all like that.

And says that he’s very good at taekwondo.
Then he goes on and say he’s going to gym with hyuk recently lol...

And that they are very interest in working out. something like that. rofl...

Then the reporter brings up the rumor with sunny and asks him if he’s working out for sunny to see.
Then he says he feels really wronged.? or innocent. Because its not like that.

And it was a misunderstanding from the program and that he watched it again when he got home and called sunny afterwards and told her about it and she said that if he likes her he should directly tell her. rofl...

And he promised her he’ll buy her something good to eat but he still haven’t yet. lol...

Then reporter asked who is he has good relationship with in SJ.
He said that since there’s 13 of them it changes a lot. rofl...
For studying wine its with kyuhyun.
For working out its hyuk. for picture taking its shindong.
For going out on a ride its kangin.

there’s a part 2: http://china.ibtimes.com/articles/20090807/shengmin2-sj.htm
It says something about him debuting for 5 years already and something else that i cant quite get.
Then he says that the other members have activities like radio dj, guest on shows, and he already debuted for 5 years but there are still alot of people who don’t know him.
To he’s disappointed so he says that to be a successful singer whenever he has time he practices guitar and singing.

And before he debuted he thought he’s not suitable to be an celeb?/artist because he doesn’t play much.
And till now he haven’t been to a night club and even if he did go he wouldn’t know what to do. rofl. since he doesn’t drink much and do not smoke.
Also while recording oppa band he doesn’t come up with the funny stuff and that Shindongyup sunbae and Takjaehoon sunbae helps me with it.

credit: mintiful for translation. and http://china.ibtimes.com

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    Awh Sungmin is so cute! :)

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